Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back from New Zealand!

Updated 9 July 2010: Visa Information

Finally back from a New Zealand 12 days tour by the New Zealand Specialist. This company is a little unique whereby you'll get your own air tickets and you can either choose one of their packages, or custom design your own itinerary. If you're not that picky on your accommodations, their tour package is quite good. You are also free to extend your tour at any point in the itinerary. Pretty cool. Note also that Singaporeans do not require a visa to visit New Zealand for a stay of up to 90 days.

Nothing much to take note for this trip as I had my experience in winter temperatures back in the Hokkaido trip. You can refer to the post here. The temperatures at South Island range from 6 degrees to -4 degrees. The winds are quite cold so please wrap yourself up. :)

The airport is slightly different from Japan though. For ChristChurch International Airport, you can do some last minute shopping before you've checked-in and after you've checked-in. There are more shops once you've checked-in and the shops within are tax free (12.5%). They are not exactly that cheap though. You can spend about 1 hour shopping inside the airport, although there are only about 2 interesting shops. :) Do also note that no honey should be in your hand luggage, even though you've bought it from New Zealand.

I took more than a thousand photos there. Now busy sorting the photos. Will start posting once I've sorted out the photos. I missed the winter temperatures there though.

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