Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wildlife @ Otago Peninsula Inlets

Updated 13 Jul 2010: Added Seagull pictures

One of the most interesting sights in my New Zealand 12 day tour is the Wildlife tour conducted by the Monarch Wildlife Cruises. A short section of this tour will bring me near the two tidal inlets, Hoopers Inlet and Papanui Inlet. In these 2 inlets, you'll find a variety of wildlife and the tour guide will run you through the different kind of birds that you'll see. Binoculars are also provided to allow you to see the birds up close. Pretty interesting and it's quite cute to see the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Below are some of the photos that I've taken. It may be a little blur as I took it from a distance.

Shelduck walking around the inlet

Pukeko. Looks and acts like a chicken

South Island Pied Oystercatcher trying to grab a bite

South Island Pied Oystercatcher (I think) having a splash

Spur-Winged Plover (I think)


White-faced Heron

Pied Stilt


Seagull landing

Seagull landed

Seagull landed

Seagull flying off

Curious sheep. :)

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