Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wildlife Cruise from Wellers Rock

One of the tours conducted by the Monarch Wildlife Cruises in my New Zealand 12 day tour is a Wildlife Cruise from Wellers Rock at Dunedin. In this cruise, you will take a boat out to Taiaroa Head; the only mainland nesting place for Northern Royal Albatross in the world, and home to New Zealand fur seals, and many other bird species. Interesting place if you have an interest in seeing wildlife in its natural environment.

Below is the boat that took us out to Taiaroa Head.

Monarch Cruise Boat

In this boat, the crew will give you a running commentary of the different wildlife you'll see while on board. Binoculars and warm overcoats will also be provided if you require them. In this boat ride, we saw a variety of birds and we even saw a yellow-eyed penguin out in the sea and a Wandering Albatross. Some sea lions (I think) were also playing with us by the boat.

As it is winter, I believe we're not seeing the full range of bird species in that area. I guess there will be more during spring. Below are some of the photos that I've taken in that cruise.

One of the birds swimming out in the sea

Some Spotted Shags

Spotted Shag strutting its stuff

Stewart island shag (I think) in flight

A bird in flight

New Zealand Fur Seal and its pup

New Zealand Fur Seal pup wandering around

Sea lion (or fur seal?) getting ready to go into sea

Sea Lion (or Fur Seal?) playing with us by the boat

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