Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why did Apple missed the Antenna problem?

It's quite obvious why Apple did not realised about the Antenna problem. If you have followed the news from Gizmodo, Apple used an iPhone 3G case to enclose the iPhone 4. Therefore during their tests, it is not possible for them to detect this problem.

Apple's secrecy has turned against them in this case for the iPhone 4. I guess Apple did not realise that the new antenna technology will cause such a major problem. Is there a way to resolve this problem for the iPhone 4? Of course not. It's a design issue. I'm curious on how Apple will resolve this problem next year for the new iPhone.

For now, I guess you have to get the bumper case to resolve the antenna problem. Even though I'm right-handed, for some reason I use my left hand quite regularly to use the iPhone and my hand do cover the lower left hand corner of the iPhone.

Oh well... No iPhone 4 for me.

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