Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mount John and Lake Tekapo

Stargazing is one of the highlights in my New Zealand 12 day tour. One of my stops is at Lake Tekapo and Mount John and I've went for a stargazing tour conducted by Mount John Earth and Sky Observatory. In this tour, I had the chance to view the night sky using powerful telescopes such as the 24 inch and 16 inch telescopes on top of Mount John. It was quite chilly up there (especially at night) and it's virtually impossible to take any photos up there. However, the view up there is quite amazing, especially viewing the night sky using the 24 inch telescope. The tour also includes hot chocolate at the Astro Cafe.

Other than going up to Mount John, there is also an alpine spring and skating rink @ Lake Tekapo. I believe that you can even walk up to Mount John using the Mount John Walkway that is situated near the skating rink. The walkway was snowed in though when I was there.

Below are some of the photos I've taken around Lake Tekapo.

Mount John Observatory

Church of the Good Shepherd

James McKenzie Dog beside the Church

Scenery around the Church of the Good Shepherd

Lone Snowman at Lake Tekapo

Lone Snow Creature near the skating rink at Lake Tekapo

Scenery around Lake Tekapo

Scenery around Lake Tekapo

Scenery around Lake Tekapo

Scenery near the skating rink @ Lake Tekapo

Scenery around Lake Tekapo

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