Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Transformers 2 sucks

Transformers 2 is the worst show I've watched so far this year. Some whom I asked commented that it is okay, but when I queried them on the specifics, none has the answer, and some do not bother about it.

Animation aside, first and foremost, have you ever wondered which 3 robots ganged up on Optimus Prime? How about the very first "dizzy" battle where there's one gigantic robot with a big wheel? How about the final battle where you see so many robots, and you don't know one from another? Why are there so many Decepticons, but only so few Autobots?

Let's say you're not looking at the story. Even the transforming sucks. The main point about transformers is that people enjoy seeing them transform. Each transformer has its own characteristics, personality, quirks, etc. That was what made it popular. In the show, why the heck do you zoom in when a robot is transforming? Do you see the TV camera man zooming in on the person's face when the person is dancing? Do you see them zoom in when a dance group is performing some act?

Some say it's a budget problem. To me, I think that's just an excuse. If your story is good, you can always make do with only a few robots, but show them in their full glory. Movie goers nowadays are looking for quality, not quantity.

To me, I'm banning Transformers. It's not worth it to watch this kind of quality. I rather save the money and watch some other shows. For your information, a couple walked out of the movie theatre halfway through the show when I was watching it, and you can even smell medicated oil during the movie.

Yes, it's that bad.


Anonymous said...
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tiger4™ said...

As pointed out by nutshell review,

"Sam rather pack his folks into the car (which can sit 4 persons), while opting to run some 4 miles in the desert dust to a common destination"

What the reasoning in that? Bumblebee can't transform with 4 passengers?

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the foul language and innuendo. I'm not offended personally but it added nothing to the plot and seemed out of place when a large portion of the audience was known by the writers to be kids.

chantc said...

I didn't think Transformers was meant to be shown to kids. The first movie has already sort of set the expectation.

Transformers 2 ended up being a movie that is neither action pack, nor story pack. Sorry, I do not regard those blurry/dizzy fighting scenes as action pack.

Anonymous said...

Lets see you do better then.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

If it's any "consolation", the kids today probably know more foul language and innuendo than the movie can show... in fact, they can probably embellish the script...!

From Anonymous

Rin 。 said...

Too many robots at the desert which caused me to ask: "who r the good ones? who r the bad ones"

Think some scenes are cut? I couldn't really relate the story.

I gave it 3.5/5.

TAKEN is much nicer man!

Nathan said...

I agree with you the action scenes were chaotic. i wrote a parody script review

Would like to know what you think.

Anonymous said...

both transformer movies are terrible and have nothing to do with the transformer universe. if there is a 3rd, someone is going to get smacked.
furthermore, as movies there were painful to sit throught. ahhh soooo bad.

Anonymous said...

Well i think they dont have any story dats becoz in transformer part 1 at the end captain lennox, mikela and sam all touched the cube at some point but nothing happnd to them at dat time, while in transforer 2 sam touched the cube piece and new stry begins, well dats sucks either michel bay dont think dat much or think d audience is fool and wont notice it, and in other scene wen sam tell mikela about he was seeing d things after he touched d cube a girl and a boy passes sam and they were out of screen but d next moment u see d same girl and boy passing again. it tells michel bay dont notice small things and wanted to save money. transformer 1 was ok bt transformer 2 sucks.

chantc said...

Wow. You remembered all this information? I didn't even recall who touched the cube. :p Ooops.

Anonymous said...

If you want a movie with bright colors and that's all then this is the movie for you! Utter crap!

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