Monday, July 6, 2009

Prohibiting Travel Now is Plain Stupid

A very simple reason for my outburst. At any time now, we can get H1N1 just by coming into contact with people affected in shopping centres, public transport, or even the food courts/hawker centres.

I do not understand the logic of companies' still prohibiting travel overseas. Does it make it less likely that we'll catch H1N1? I do not think so. For example, one of the people affected recently is a 40 year old man from AYG. I was at Raffles Shopping Centre recently, and I've seen many people from AYG. Does that mean I should be quarantined since I was in "close contact" with them? How about those people who work at Raffles Shopping Centre? Is it more dangerous for them to go overseas now, or to stay at their work place?

This rule makes no sense now at this point in time.

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