Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So weird. It's user friendliness that will attract

Just read something interesting. Apparently, someone has compared Ubuntu with Windows & Mac and said that Ubuntu is much better because of its
  • Security Updates
  • App-store like interface that allows you to install other applications

Seriously though, what attracts users to use a system is never about security updates or ease of installing applications. Will you use a system that prompts you:
  • to edit configuration files to change some options
  • to mount drives if you wish to plug in external devices
  • some weird error codes that only a geek can understand

Well, I guess not. It's always user friendliness that will win the most users. I have not yet use Ubuntu and my experience is limited to Fedora Core. However, I do know that Linux problems are yet to be resolved. Problems with user friendliness. Linux is still a geek OS. :) Agree?

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