Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Be Afraid To Fail

You've failed many times , although you may not remember.
You fell down the first time you tried to walk.
You almost drowned the first time you tried to swim, didn't you?
Did you hit the ball the first time you swung a bat?
Heavy hitters, the ones who hit the most home runs, also strike out a lot.
R. H. Macy failed seven times before his store in New York caught on.
English novelist John Creasey got 753 rejection slips before he published 564 books.
Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times, but he also hit 714 home runs.
Don't worry about failure.
Worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.

A message as published in the Wall Street Journal
by United Technologies Corporation,
Hartford, Connecticut 06101


Des Lavender said...

I guess that's easier to say than to do. Should I gamble a third of my redundancy money to buy a van and start up my plumbing business? If it fails, I'm left with virtually no time to sell my house & buy a cheaper one just to survive. That's why people are afraid. It's not just about practising until you're very good; it's about your whole life.

chantc said...

True. It's always easier to say than do. However, you can reshuffle your plans. If you're serious in starting a business, then you should get a smaller house first and have your basic necessities covered before you start up your small business.

Before you go full-time, you can also try to get more contacts.

Yes yes. Easier said than done, but then again, most things are like that. You'll never know until you try.

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