Monday, August 31, 2009

Summary of Changes to Off-peak Car Scheme

It's amazing how some topics I have spoken about verbally will suddenly appear in the newspapers the very next day, with the exact changes that I've been asking for. Sometimes I do wonder if there's a hidden microphone somewhere around me. :)

Anyway, the off-peak car (OPC) licencing scheme is finally tweaked in a way that would encourage more adoption. I disagree that the changes are minor, and I feel that these changes may drive more people to convert their cars to the OPC scheme. One very strong motivation force behind it is the change to allow the use of OPC for the whole of Saturdays.

My guess is that if the take-up rate for the OPC scheme is good, the overall ERP charges may be reduced a year or so after the changes because there will be lesser cars on the roads on weekdays. The question now is whether there will be ERP charges on weekends! :) This I doubt for a very simple reason. The ERP scheme to me is used to facilitate business activities and weekends are more for "casual driving".

The following are a summary of the changes (in my interest) to the OPC scheme:
  1. From 23 Nov 2009, day licence will become electronic (e-Day). You may purchase the e-Day Licence online before the end of the following day that you have used it, at the One.Motoring portal, AXS stations and using mobile-SMS service, in addition to Singapore Post outlets and Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) offices, anytime between 6am and midnight daily.

  2. By end Jan 2010, the OPC scheme will be revised to allow unrestricted usage on Saturdays and the eves of 5 public holidays, namely, New Year, Lunar New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali and Christmas. With the extended usage, the annual road tax discount will be correspondingly reduced from $800 to $500. The minimum annual road tax will now be $70.

    Existing OPC owners can choose to opt into this revised scheme to enjoy the extended hours in exchange for reduced tax discounts and an administrative fee of $100.

  3. By end Jan 2010, owners of normal cars who convert to the revised OPC Scheme will enjoy a cash rebate of up to $1,100 for every 6 months' of registration as an OPC, until the car reaches 10 years old. The car must be kept as an OPC for at least 6 months after its conversion, except in cases of de-registration or when the OPC reaches the age of 10 years.

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