Sunday, August 2, 2009

Windows 7 available from Aug 6 onwards

Official news are out that Windows 7 will be available to selected groups of users (ISVs, IHVs) from Aug 6 onwards. However, consumers will still have to wait until Oct 22 for the official release of Windows 7.

The Windows 7 pricing is super complicated, and it's the first time I heard that an operating system Family Pack is sold while supplies last. Translated... Limited quantities. Not sure if it's because of the recession but I think this is a big mistake on Microsoft's part in pricing a product. Sold while supplies last? I won't go into details of the Windows 7 anytime upgrade etc because frankly, I don't get it. So many different types of pricing levels.

At least Snow Leopard's pricing is quite straight forward.

Anyway, for those who're going to get a PC, hold on for Windows 7. Seems like there are many improvements made to Windows 7 that is superior to Vista. Again I would say that this looks like Windows ME, and Windows XP all over again.

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