Monday, August 17, 2009

Religious Harmony is Important

"Teach them about accommodation."

This was something that stood out to me while listening to the National Day Rally on the topic of religious harmony. This was something our Prime Minister said when addressing the different religious groups in Singapore.

Why did this strike a chord with me? That's because I find that increasingly, certain people in Singapore have been pushing their faiths to others without any considerations of the people's own personal space.

I could never find the reason why this had to be the case. I meet up with my friends of different faith once every week. Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Free Thinker. We meet up, talk for hours, and we eat together. The only time where religion came into our discussions was when we had to eat. Even then, some of us could be eating chicken, beef, pork, etc. It never matters to us what are our different religious faiths. The only thing that matters to us were the years of friendship we had between us.

This is religious harmony. Let's not disrupt this, or take this for granted.

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