Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't agree with EZLink cards being tied up with membership cards

Just read that Passion is going to introduce a membership card that also acts as an EZLink card in November this year. I do not agree with this concept of combining the EZLink card with other uses.

Reason is very simple. EZLink card is based on contactless technology. What happens if you have multiple EZLink cards in your wallet when you're making your payment? Will it deduct money from both cards? I guess we may not even know because I believe few of us actually keep track of how much money is in the EZLink card.

Having multiple EZLink cards in your possession may also lead to you being confused on how much money is in which EZLink card. Frankly, I do not understand why some people like to have backup cards. I find it a big hassle in remembering the value left for each card. One is enough for me thank you.

I believe for contactless payment technology, it's always best to keep things simple, especially when the technology allows the card to be read even though it is not taken out of the wallet/purse.

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