Monday, August 24, 2009

Cloud Computing Heating Up

Looks like Apple may be joining in to the cloud computing wagon. Apple is building one of the largest data centre in the world in Northern Carolina that is bigger than Google and Microsoft.

One of the most likely reason for such a big data centre is that Apple may be jumping into cloud computing, and software as a service wagon. Thinking in terms of what the iPhone can do, I'm guessing that the AppStore may in future evolve into a store where you can subscribe to certain services for free/a fee.

It does makes sense to go down this path. There are certain applications that will warrant to be modeled on a pay-per-use basis. For example, some people may buy newspapers or magazines depending on the content of that issue. So it is possible to model such an application on a pay-per-use basis. If I want to access that particular copy, or maybe that particular article, I just pay for that.

Definitely this is more complicated than the traditional way of doing business, especially on the pricing model. However, this may open up certain avenues of income streams and open up the market to a wider range of audiences.

The success factor of cloud computing will depend on the "killer app". Can Apple do it? Judging from their successes in all the recent product launches, there is a high possibility.

Meanwhile, I will carry on pondering on what kind of applications will best suit the cloud computing model, taking into account the security and privacy aspects of the business functions. :)

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