Friday, August 21, 2009

RDBMS is here to stay

Recently I have been reading about Object Oriented Database Management Systems (OODBMS), and how it is better than Relationship Database Management Systems (RDBMS).

Well, I'm not sure about the technology now, but the previous versions of OODBMS that I've tried before is quite slow, especially when I need to do a mass retrieval of a particular field in all the records. Having said that, that was quite a few years back since I played around with an OODBMS.

Maybe I'm old schooled, but I still think that the data layer should be abstracted away from the application layer. With OODBMS, it seems to me that the application logic and interaction will also be embedded in the data store, because how the objects interact with one another are usually defined by the application.

What RDBMS forces you to do is to abstract the data store away from the application logic. It forces you to think from the data perspective on how the information will be stored, regardless of how the application functions. Not every database design needs to be in BCNF form, and I do not think it's true that RDBMS are always slower than OODBMS. My previous experience is actually quite the opposite. I believe it may be the way different applications retrieve the data.

Anyway, whether it is RDBMS or OODBMS, note that it's only one way of doing things. Every type of technology has its uses. :)

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