Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Zealand Food!

Surprisingly, there is a wide variety of food that I've found during my New Zealand 12 day tour. Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Chinese. You name it, and most probably that particular type of food is tucked away in some corner.

Cost of breakfast can be as little as NZD5 for 2 sandwiches. Breakfast can be easily bought from the many convenience shops that are scattered around New Zealand. The more common ones that I've seen is the Night and Day foodstore. Cost of lunch varies and it can cost up to NZD13, depending on your choice. However, I did notice that there are always set lunches sold for a special price of NZD10. Dinner wise may set you back by about NZD25 per person, depending on what you eat. I've tried their beef steak and it is delicious. Coffee is provided free of charge from the hotel but if you wish to order it from outside, it's about NZD3.50.

Below are some of the photos I've taken on the western food that I've tried.

Cost NZD36 (Queenstown) and consist of Wild Southland venison, lettuce, bacon and cranberry, roast kumara

Fergburger from Queenstown. Cost NZD10 and contains Prime NZ Beef, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli & tomato relish 

Moose Meat Loaf from the Moose Bar at Te Anau. Cost NZD19.50

Sticky Date Pudding from the Moose Bar and costs about NZD9.50

Steak and Cheese pie from the Royal Albatross Centre cafe. Costs about NZD10.50

Stone-grilled beef from Lake Tekapo. Cook your beef in any way you want on the hot stone. Costs about NZD19.50

Steak set lunch from Sir Edmund Hillary alpine centre. Costs between NZD10 to NZD13 (cannot recall)

Salmon Quiche from Sir Edmund Hillary alpine centre. Costs below NZD10 (cannot recall)

I think its a Venison pie from Arrowtown bakery. Cannot recall the price.

Hot and spicy chicken pie from Arrowtown bakery. Cannot recall the price.

Double scoop ice-cream from Wendys. Only cost about NZD4.20

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