Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another problem with Android Market

Another danger of open-source has revealed itself in the Android platform. Being open-source, anyone can create anything that they want and according to CNet, there are apps in the Android market that already make calls and sends text messages without any action from the user.

Just imagine if a developer creates an app that automatically sends SMSes to a premium number. You do not need to imagine the charges you'll automatically rack up. As I recall, this is virtually impossible on the iPhone unless it's jailbroken. At least it was true for the iPhone OS3.

Of course that doesn't mean that an app containing malware will not be available in the iPhone AppStore. However due to the restrictions on the iPhone APIs and the approval process, this danger is greatly reduced. In the Android Market, there are no such safeguards. It really depends on the developer.

Main reason why I never try to jailbreak my iPhone.

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