Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't find a reason to get an iPad

For someone who already has an iPhone and a Mac, I find it very difficult to convince myself to get an iPad. I've spent some time in the Epicentre trying out the iPad on the date of the iPad launch. While trying out, I was trying to figure out how will I use it.

My conclusion? There is nothing that I fancy that is available in the iPad, but not on the iPhone / Mac. However, I do see a market for enterprise customers like I have previously indicated in my post here. After playing around with Numbers, Pages and KeyNote, I do find that it's a useful tool for minor editing / approving documents on the move.

Need to modify your presentation deck slightly before the presentation? Need to look at some numbers that you've churned out previously in your spreadsheet? How about approving a word document sent to you for approval? iPad is good for that. Other than that and the obvious multimedia usage, I do not see anything else that excites me. Maybe games no longer appeal to me. Oh well.

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