Friday, February 12, 2010

Uses of iPad

The iPad is one of the few gadgets that attracts lots of attention even before it is launched. The hottest topic though is whether anyone will bite.

Having looked at the specifications, it does seem it has uses both in the consumer and corporate world.

Consumer wise, the iPad can attract a new breed of eBooks that are able to display images and videos. It is also possible to end a chapter with a quiz to test the reader's knowledge of the chapter and you may even be able to embed a YouTube like video that accepts comments from the people who has purchased the eBook. This is just some of the possibilities.

In the corporate world, I think this will also be a very useful tool for the hospitality sector. I can imagine going to a hotel, greeted by a staff holding an iPad, who is able to do an express check-in for the guest. I would think it will also be an important tool for salespeople. Instant access to product information and in time, you may even be able to do presentations with a special adapter that can connect to any projector.

The iPad possibilities can be endless, as long as you do not restrict your options. I can even imagine using the iPad to control the gadgets around the house locally or remotely.

The key point is not to force the product to do something it is not built for and instead, try to exploit it's features fully. For example, you will never think of using a Nokia 3310 to surf the Internet. It's strength is in other areas.

However, without playing with the actual set, it's difficult to assess it's possibilities. At least whatever Apple announces, it's not too far off from the actual product, unlike some companies. Oh well.

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