Friday, February 26, 2010

Analysts just do not get it why AppStore is so popular

Sometimes I do really wonder if the analysts know exactly what they are commenting about. As someone who has coded iPhone apps before, I understand why the iPhone is so popular despite so many other new phones in the market.

It's actually all about the apps. Apple has made it quite simple to code an iPhone app. Not only that, they have also made the screen size consistent for all their iPhones. This is a very big plus point that others do not seem to understand. Mobile Apps are always optimize for a certain screen size, especially if you are talking about games and animation that needs to know the exact screen position in order to trigger a certain event in a touch enabled phone. Apple has made it simple as they have consistently maintained the same size across all models, including the iPod touch. Not only that, if you look at the size of iPad, the dimensions are also proportionate to the iPhone. That is why the apps in the AppStore are able to work on the iPad. That's also the main reason why the AppStore is so popular.

Add to the fact that it is fairly simple to create a simple iPhone app, you have a winning formula for developers to continue developing for the platform. Users going into the AppStore need not worry if their phone is compatible with the app or if the app supports their model. Apple has also ensured that with every major version change, they have vendors that take full advantage of the new features built in. That is why people are always excited when it's coming June.

The fact that every iPhone OS upgrade works for every model of the iPhone so far is also fairly important. Even those with the first generation iPhone are able to upgrade to the latest OS. Try telling that to the first generation Android users.

Seeing the confusing array of android devices that are coming out with different screen sizes, I can almost hear the developers cursing and swearing in the background. To those who has coded mobile apps before, you know that it's almost impossible to code a graphical mobile app that works in all types of mobile phones, regardless of the screen size. I guess mobile app developers are getting rare. Someone has forgotten to tell the marketing guys.

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