Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rather create a fund than to go for cap & trade??

I just read that Tony Abbott advocates a AUD1 billion fund to pay for cleaner power stations, tree-planting and trapping carbon pollution in agricultural soil instead of supporting the cap-and-trade programme proposed by Kevin Rudd.

I don't understand the logic behind it. To me as a layman, when you're in the cap-and-trade programme, people actually pay you for clean energy. Any clean energy initiatives that you have earns credits which polluters must buy under the cap system. You're indirectly getting a subsidy for all your clean energy initiatives. You're also providing an incentive for the current power plants to shift to clean energy because of this cap and trade system.

Therefore, I really do not understand why Tony Abbot wants to pay AUD1 billion instead of joining the cap-and-trade programme that may indirectly help subsidize all the clean initiatives such as cleaner power stations and tree-planting.

Doesn't make sense to me.

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MM SZ said...

Linked under, 'Environment'. Thanks:)

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