Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is it possible to increase both fertility and labour productivity at the same time?

I find it pretty amusing that fertility and labour productivity have been mentioned at the same time because in my personal opinion, they are in conflict with each other.

Increasing labour productivity usually results in 2 outcomes. Either we get bogged down by more work to "increase" our productivity or we get more stressed as we undergo changes in the way we work, be it in business process re-engineering or training. It is however quite likely that bosses will send employees to subsidized courses and pile them with more work since they are "trained". As a result, you will have more work to be done and at the same get added stress.

Increase the number of babies? Not very likely. Personally, I believe there will naturally be more babies if we work to live, and not live to work. Will anyone be interested in having more children if you go back everyday dead tired due to the "increased" productivity and still have to reply to emails at night? Some even work over the weekend due to the optimistic schedule that sort of reflect the "increased" productivity.

Sorry but to me, if there is a need to increase labour productivity, then fertility productivity will definitely go down. That's the only way to balance the equation.

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