Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do not believe everything you read on the Internet at face value

I still can't believe that people actually believes everything that they read off the Internet. Even in a normal workplace environment, do you believe everything a person say or do you first determine if you know that person well enough to trust his/her words? Even in school, I believe this applies. There is no difference in the Internet.

Just because someone calls himself Eric Low doesn't mean that he is real guy. Therefore, just taking whatever is written on face value and act upon it is not advisable. You might be causing a poor person much distress for absolutely no reason at all.

Determine first if the author is someone whom you can trust, or some random person who suddenly appears and starts ranting about some particular topic. Be careful about the latter. I've seen several posts before commenting on a particular shop and I realised that the writing style is exactly the same, but the poster name is different. Coincidence?

Do not trust everything you read off the Internet and do your homework.

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