Thursday, July 8, 2010

AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping @ Queenstown

Queenstown was one of my stops in my New Zealand 12 day tour and the tour will not be complete if you have not visited the AJ Hackett Bungy jumping sites @ Queenstown. To answer the burning question in your mind, no. I did not jump. :) However, I did learn one interesting thing. Bungy jumping originated from New Zealand.

The Kawaru Bridge Bungy site is where the founders started their business. Getting that excitement and thrill will set you back by NZD175. As the bridge towers over the river, you can choose to bob above the water, touch it, or be fully immersed in it for your jump. Below shows the bridge where you'll make your jump.

Kawaru Bridge Bungy Site

Although I did not jump, I did see others that did. :) Below shows a single person jumping early in the winter morning.

Someone jumping at the Kawaru Bridge Bungy

After jumping, a dinghy will be deployed in the river and there will be people there holding a long stick that will guide the jumper to land on the dinghy.

Jumper trying to catch the long stick

Jumper is pulling himself to the dinghy

Do you know that you can also jump in pairs? I was also lucky enough to see someone doing that. Good way to scare your other half? :)

A couple making the jump together

If you feel that jumping over the river is not exciting enough, you can opt to jump at The Ledge Bungy site at Queenstown. The cost is the same as Kawaru Bridge. Feel like jumping now?

Someone hanging at The Ledge Bungy site

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