Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Look at iOS4

Updated 17 Jul 2010: Added point about plugging in the power

Finally iOS4.0 is ready for download. I did a quick check on some of the new features and I can say that I'm quite impressed. The upgrade was seamless but please remember to charge your iPhone before upgrading the OS as there will be a period of time where it will be upgrading the OS using the battery power.

Below is the summary of some of the key new features of iOS4:
  1. Multi-tasking:

    Multi-tasking support for apps such as audio, VoIP and location monitoring apps in the background. Double tapping on the home button will activate the multi-tasking bar at the bottom. Swiping to the right in the multi-tasking bar will allow you to activate the iPod apps and control. There's also a new icon to lock the orientation of your iPhone to portrait mode. This can be activated in all apps.

    Multi-tasking is automatically activated once you exit the app using the Home button. To remove the app from the background, double tap on the home button to activate the multi-tasking bar, tap and hold on any of the app icon in the multi-tasking bar until you see a red minimize button on all the icons. Tapping on the minimize button will remove that app from the background.

  2. Wallpaper for Home Screen:

    Finally Apple has enabled the feature to allow us to change the background of the Home Screen (after unlock). Just tap on Settings > Wallpaper > Tap on the 2 images > Wallpaper > Tap on any of the wallpaper > Set > Set Home Screen.

  3. Home Screen Folders:

    For both the iPhone and iTunes interface, just drag the icon (Tap on any icon and hold it there) on top of another icon and a folder will be created. You will be prompted to name the folder. That's it. I personally find it easier to create the folders using iTunes.

  4. Camera:

    You're now able to zoom in (5x) using the default camera app.

  5. Auto Spell Check:

    If you have a word that was misspelled, a red underline will be indicated on that word. Just Select the word and tap on Replace.... You will be prompted some words that are the closest match to your misspelled word.

  6. You're able to Search your text messages now in the Messages app and the main search in your Home screen.

  7. You're now able to group your messages by subject thread. This is enabled by default once you've upgraded to iOS4

  8. The iPhone will now be able to remember your choice of whether you allow the app to access your current location. This choice can be modified by tapping on Settings > Location Services. Whenever your location is being accessed, a small little icon will appear briefly at the top bar near your battery indicator.

  9. Cellular Data:

    You can now disable the Cellular Data transfer directly for your iPhone (no more using airplane mode) by going to Settings > General > Network. You will still be able to receive phone calls when your Cellular Data transfer is disabled. Useful when you're overseas.

  10. You're now able to create notes directly on the mail servers that you've configured in your iPhone. On your Notes app, just tap on Accounts on the top left-hand corner. Select your mail account and you can start creating notes in the account that you've selected. You will be able to access the notes when you login to your webmail.
  11. You can not shutdown your iPhone while being plugged. Likewise, when your iPhone has shut down and you plug in the power, the iPhone will start up (previously it only starts up after some time).

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