Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why Flash Floods? Look at the Drains.

The flash flood at Orchard Road is not really a surprise to those who observe the drains in our environment. Why do I say that? Our drainage systems are all inter-connected. If a section of our drains are choked, the drainage will definitely be affected as the water cannot be routed.

I have came across the big drain near Toa Payoh Swimming Pool complex. The big drain is always choked. Someone I believe will clear the drain maybe once a month but within a week, it will be choked again. It seems that someone has been throwing things into the drain in the middle of the night. There was once when the whole rubbish bin was thrown inside the drain.

Who is doing it? Why are they doing it? Are throwing things down into the drains in the middle of the night so "exciting"? This is one area where I think CCTV is of use. Flim them and slap those people with a big fine and make sure they feel hurt. Ignorance is not an excuse. Try to tell that to those poor business owners that have to spend 5 figure sums to repair the damage.

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