Friday, June 4, 2010

WebOS Powered HP Devices?

CEO of HP has been commenting that HP did not buy Palm for it's handset business, but more for WebOS. He envisioned WebOS to be powering all HP small devices. Few analysts believed him when he made that comment. They should take note though because what he is saying is not really out of this world.

Using HP printers as an example, WebOS powered printers could be something that the enterprise customers are looking at. There may be a server managing all your WebOS enabled printers. Printing a document may be as simple as sending an e-mail to an email address and the server will be able to identify who is the person printing, and send it to the printer nearest to you. If the printer is not functional, it can even send you an email to tell you the print out has been routed to the next nearest printer. Remotely, you may even be able to print a document to a printer of your choice and call up the office to pick up that document for the required signatories for example. From the printer, you can even maybe surf to a website of your choice using an on-screen keyboard and print out the required document directly. The server may also be able to manage all the status levels of all the printers and send alerts if the printer is out of service, or when ink levels are low.

WebOS powered small devices? Look no further than the iPad. There is no news on the HP Slate since HP bought over WebOS. They are most likely re-thinking on the Slate and will most probably resurrect it using WebOS.

There are a lot of things you can do with the WebOS. You just need to look deeper, and do things a little differently.

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