Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beware of apps that are not from a reputable source

It seems that mobile technology has finally caught the eyes of the malware writers. Malware was found lurking in some of the Windows Mobile Apps that makes calls to premium-rate numbers across the globe, racking up expensive bills to the unfortunate owners.

Will this be restricted to only Windows Mobile Apps? Of course not. This danger will always be there if the apps that you've downloaded to your mobile phone is not from a reputable source or the source does not do a check on the apps to ensure that there are no malwares hidden within.

I believe with this incident, people may finally understand why Apple makes the additional effort to QC all apps before it hits the AppStore. It also helps that there are no official APIs to allow the app to make automatic dial-ups without any prompt from the user (based on my memory). This doesn't apply to JB phones though.

Remember... Things are usually done for a reason.

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