Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The City View @ Boon Keng?

When I was passing by Toa Payoh, I saw a huge board advertising the DBSS @ Boon Keng. If my memory serves me correctly, its called The City View or something. It says its open for enquiries BUT, no price was stated. Don't tell me its really as per what I written in my previous post??

If its so, it will have the record of being the most expensive HDB in Singapore! Just imagine. Public housing... That pricing??? What on earth is HDB thinking???

Anyway for those really interested, Hoi Hup's website is here. The advertisement states that you can email them for enquiries.


chantc said...

Hoi Hup's website has been updated to include E-Application and some other information about the DBSS. However, still no information on the elusive psf. Hmmm...

chantc said...

Seems like that time I caught them when they were testing out some of the links. They have since removed the links which I saw.

Anyway, latest news is that the average cost is $520psf. It will range from $350k to $740k. This is even more expensive than an EC!

Furthermore, there is an income cap of $8k household income, which is the standard HDB guideline. That means that anybody who buy into the $740k flat will be heavily in debt.

I don't know but you can get a condo with this kind of pricing. Anyway, application starts on 5th Jan, and will end at midnight on 16th Jan. Ballot sale.

If what I saw at the website was a teaser, then I think you can also apply for the flat at Hoi Hup's website.

chaoren said...

Not really buying S$740k flat will be heavily in debt.

Maybe the family got winnings from ToTo, 4D or Singapore Sweep.

Also can have inheritance mah.

chantc said...

Seriously... If I have $100k-$200k sitting in my bank account, I will not get a HDB flat.

I have written another post here where I estimate the amount of debt needed to fund such a purchase. Its crazy.

chantc said...

The application is open at http://www.hoihup.com/

For some reason, if you do direct to the DBSS link, the E-Application does not show. Weird. Slipshot programming.

Anonymous said...

If u ever have the chance to get into the 40th or even the 30 odd floor at CV, stand on a balcony that is bigger than your bedroom to see the unobstructed view of the city, you will know why the "flat" is priced at that range.

pple who buy the units here can visualise this picture years before, pple who cant of cos will not see the value in buying it.

chantc said...

I think it really depends on what you're looking for in a flat. I will not like a balcony that's bigger than my bedroom as my bedroom will be very cramp.

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