Monday, December 10, 2007

No Service Level for MRTs???

I really do wonder. Is there any service level that is set by the government for MRTs? I find that the service level has been going downhill all the way.

Some of my main complaints:
  • You need to have super eyesight in order for you to find out when the next train coming. Furthermore, most of the time it is showing advertisements instead of the time
  • Singapore a multi-racial country?? Someone forgot to tell them to the MRTs. I've noticed that they have recently re-recorded their announcements. And guess what? Only English.
  • I noticed that everytime when it rains, the MRT becomes very stuffy. Why? I think the train drivers think that since its cold, they can turn down the aircon. What they don't realize is that once you turn down the aircon, there is not enough ventilation. Therefore the whole MRT becomes very stuffy. If its during peak hour, good luck
  • Train frequency. Enough said.

They want to know what is first class?? Look no further than HK. First class?? My ....

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