Monday, December 24, 2007

More Taxis at the taxi stands

As predicted, after the taxi hike, everyone is shunning the taxis. When will they learn that the answer is not more surcharges, but a revamp on how fares are being calculated?? Why on earth would consumers want to remember there's an $x surcharge, xx% surcharge during peak hours, xx% surcharge after midnight, etc etc??

The most ridiculous surcharge was the peak hour surcharge. That only proves how detached the upper management (and the government for that matter) is on the traffic situation during peak hours. Based on that xx% surcharge, the meter will just keep jumping and jumping and the price of the fare could easily double in the traffic jam. They believe all Singaporeans got a raise and are all millionaires??

They are only interested in flogging a dead horse, maximizing their investments, and are not willing to think out of the box. Such is life in Singapore. No wonder people want to migrate away...

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