Sunday, December 16, 2007

Re-evaluate your Priorities

I quote from the Slice of Life:

Examine your life schedule and re-evaluate your priorities. What's taking up your time and your energy? Are they productive? Are they improving you in any way? Are they things you enjoy or at least things that make you money or develop relationships? Are there any time and spirit wasters that you feel are your obligations? Be stringent with your evaluations and throw out the tasks that are not benefitting you.

And figure out how you're using your time. True, a day's hours are finite, but if you examine your daily actions, you'll find some things that take up more than their fair share of your time. For example, do you find yourself checking your email several times a day and typing out detailed, carefully-worded essays? Are you sending, re-sending, and forwarding your time

Identify other aspects of your life which may be wasting your time and energy. These are the little leeches sucking the life from you. Get rid of them, and refocus your priorities on things that truly fulfill you.

I guess this is what I do near the end of the year. I do not have New Year resolutions but instead, I do this kind of "house cleaning". This year, I find that it has been especially stressful for me. It's really time for me to re-evaluate what I've been doing for this year, and try to remove/lessen the stress portion.

I work to live, not live to work.

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