Saturday, December 1, 2007

Embrace Changes with your eyes wide open

I quote from the Slice of Life:

The mind is like a child. Its intelligence will always include some primal remnants that equate change to death, discomfort to death, and discipline to death. It must be trained and given guidance by a loving but firm spirit in order to fulfill its true purpose.

For our greater good, we have to let the spirit control the mind. Every week, try adopting one life-enhancing practice consistently. You'll find that when the spirit takes control in these instances that the mind will protest - it will try to persuade you that it's too difficult, that it's better to have things status quo, that you need your fixes to soothe the frustrations of life.

Change is something that most of us is resistant to. It's quite seldom that you see people embracing change readily. However, not all changes are good. Although its good to embrace change, embrace it with your eyes wide open. Not all changes are for the better. I guess that's the reason why people are so afraid of changes.

But still... No change, no innovation. Without change, I won't even be writing in this blog. :D

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