Monday, December 17, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Updated 22 Dec 2007: Soundtrack
Updated 2 May 2008: Bad Day Acapella from YouTube

Saw the movie last weekend. I never had such a good laugh for sometime. It gets a little draggy towards the end, but overall, I love the chipmunks and the music, especially the acapella. Bad Day, Only You, Christmas Don't Be Late... I guess I always have a soft spot for acapella.

I did a search on youtube and I managed to find some of my favorite songs in the movie. I think I'll find time to go down to the store to see if there's acapella version for the soundtrack. Okay, there's no acapella in the CD. Bad Day, Only You, and Christmas Don't Be Late have unplugged versions for the first portion of the songs though, where you can hear the acapella. Here's a sampling of the songs from Amazon.

To date, there's no release of a Bad Day acapella from the movie. However, YouTube to the rescue. I still love that song from the movie.

Bad day acapella

Bad Day

Only You

Christmas Don't Be Late

Witch Doctor

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