Monday, December 10, 2007

Walk away

I quote from the Slice Of Life:

Do you have the power to walk away from potentially-explosive situations? Are you able to postpone defending yourself to another more appropriate time? Can you conserve your cool and avoid saying or doing something you'll regret later?

Because when you care too much about winning in such situations, you lose. You're the one who feels the pressure, you're the one who seems antagonistic and defensive. It will be hard initially, but practice walking away and you'll understand just how powerful it can be in defusing explosive situations and even persuade others to see things your way.

I only tried it a few times and its really not easy to do. However, it sure is effective, depending on the person you're facing. This is not recommended in the business settings though. For the personal side, I would say it gives a chance for both sides to "cool" down and think it over logically, with an open mind. Open mind is the keyword.

By not pushing, both sides have time to think. Sometimes, you might get surprising results.

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