Thursday, December 13, 2007

3 Basic Steps to Change

  1. Aware of the need for change
  2. Ready and willing to change
  3. Take action

Very often, most of us are stuck in the 1st step. I meet many people in my course of work and one of the problems I have is on change management. Many people cannot take the first step. Trying to persuade them to take the first step is very hard because to many, change is scary. The fear of the unknown.

The trick is to look at it 1 step at a time. That means evaluating the first step initially on its own, without thinking ahead (to the 2nd and 3rd step). Many of us have this habit of thinking ahead. Not good if you're easily scared by the unknown.

Once you accept that the change is needed, only then can you start the ball rolling. Easy to do? Of course not. The first step is always the hardest. In fact, the easiest step is actually the last step. However without change, we would still be living in our kampung days, with ox carts and stuff. :)


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