Thursday, December 27, 2007

Know Yourself

I quote from the Slice of Life:

Many people look for meaning and joy in the external. They think that they'll be happy when they finally find a partner for life, get that promotion, become famous, become thin, get recognized for their work, or make loads of money.

They structure their lives based on the criteria determined by society. They become so preoccupied with meeting these criteria that they forget to listen to their inner voices, their natural instinct to create the life they deserve.

Being clear about who you are and what you want can be very empowering. The tiny box you used to live in becomes a world full of wondrous possibilities.

Knowing one's inner self is never easy. What we truly want, and what we need can be quite different. To survive in this world, I guess compromises sometimes have to be made. Knowing yourself, and being yourself might be sometimes out of our own control. I hope I can still hold out.

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