Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Be Positive

I quote from the Slice of Life:

When we adopt a positive outlook, we strive to look for the good in every situation. We try to find the lesson, or at least the fun. We learn to laugh at ourselves, and even in the face of adversity. We recover faster and are back on track sooner. And because we tend to see the good in everything, we also experience more joy. That's why positive persons also tend to be happy persons.

You are what you think. That's why after a lousy day, an exhausting ordeal or after receiving bad news, sometimes all it takes for you to feel a whole lot better is a line from a song, a book or magazine, or a remark by a friend; a phrase that sums up what you're feeling but shows it in a wholly different light.

Being positive does help, and it helps you control the stress level. However, it's really hard to be positive all the time. Sometimes, I just feel like screaming. Oh well... Listen to the Chipmunks Bad Day. Somehow, I feel better after that.

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