Saturday, September 15, 2007

HDB Boon Keng $650psf???!?!?

Updated 5 Jan 2008: Refer to this post for the newest pricing ($520psf average)

This is crazy!! I thought I will never see the time where HDB is selling for $650psf. That means for a 5 room flat, you can pay as much as SGD650,000!!

Has HDB forgotten the roots of why HDB was formed? What's their vision? What's their objective? Although Boon Keng HDB is built by private developers, the premium should not be excessive. This premium puts it more expensive than some of the condominiums around that area.

Is HDB sleeping???? If the pricing is really approved, Singapore be prepared for an inflation of 2 to 3% next year.

Ridiculous! And the civil sector just got a raise too! This is definitely going as a black mark.

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