Sunday, September 30, 2007

Change MacBook Refresh Rate

Previously, I was researching on changing the refresh rates of the MacBook because I find that there seems to be something missing. I found that looking at my previous Fujitsu laptop a much better experience than looking at the MacBook.

Anyway, these are the steps to change the MacBook refresh rate:
  1. Use the native resolution 1280 x 800
  2. Get the program to change the refresh rate at
  3. Run the SwitchResX Control application
  4. Ensure the Settings of is at Color LCD
  5. Click on the Custom tab
  6. Click on the + tab
  7. Change the vertical scan rate to 70Hz. Ensure the rest of the parameters are the same
  8. Save the settings and Click OK
  9. Reboot
  10. Open System Preferences > Displays
  11. Choose 70Hz under the Refresh Rate
  12. Reboot

These settings works fine on my Macbook. However, if you've encountered any problems, in the SwitchResX Control application, there's an option called Factory Settings. I've got this information from here.

I hope this helps...


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for this. The macbook wud strain my eyes untill i used your app and increased it to 75mhz. Now i've no isssues, nice one!

alot of people wud say its just my eyes, but this app proves them wrong!

chantc said...

Glad that its of help. I presume you're still using Tiger? On Leopard, I don't seem to have this problem and I could survive without using SwitchResX

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm now running my macbook at 79mhz and my eyes are fine.... but the screen does flicker every so slightly every so often, not badly tho. would running at this rate damage my screen/hardware?


chantc said...

My knowledge of hardware is not that in-depth but I think the speed of refresh does affect the life-span of the LCD as it dictates how fast it refreshes.

The faster it refreshes, the "harder" it works. That's my guess. However, I choose my eyes anytime over the hardware. :)

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