Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why are people so lazy??

Just witnessed something very stupid today.

Saw a few people standing about 5metres away from the traffic light, waiting for the green man to appear. The most "wonderful" part is that nobody press the button to indicate that they want to cross. Meaning, the light will never change to the green man. I see them patiently waiting for the green man which will never appear.

I never know why are people sometimes so lazy. Does it take a lot of effort to raise your hand and press the button? Yet, they wait there, and expect somebody else to press the button. It's like the bus. No one will want to press the bell unless it's very near the bus stop.

Going off. I've been very tired recently. I just need to touch the bed, and I can fall asleep. Not sure why...

1 comment:

Rhinestic said...

Ahaha, yah, I've come across the traffic light situation a few times b4.. ==

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