Sunday, May 13, 2007

Virtual Swap File

The Virtual Swap File is usually handled by the WIN95/WIN98 Operating System. However, if you want to maximize the performance of your machine, it will be better to handle it by yourself.

Ok, first, a simple explanation of Virtual Swap File. The Swap File is used when there is not enough memory to load up some applications. It's RAM on a harddisk. What WIN95/WIN98 does is it dynamically resizes the Swap File, depending on how much memory is needed. This will slow down the speed of the system and the swap file storage might be fragmented, causing the system to slow down further. To increase performance, it is better to at least set the Virtual Swap File to a minimum size.

Nowadays, many people tend to multi-task more often, and many programs use a lot of memory, so it's not advisable to set a Maximum.

  1. To do this, go to My Computer Properties or hit WINKEY + BREAK. Go to the Performance Tab and click on Virtual Memory. Click on the Let me specify my own virtual settings.
  2. Ok, the first option, Hard Disk. It is advisable to place your virtual swap file on a second harddisk or a faster harddisk. The faster the better...
  3. Set the Minimum to the minimum amount of space you want to reserve for the Swap File (in MB). I usually put it at 512MB. Leave the Maximum at default value.

That's it... The system will reboot after this.

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