Sunday, May 13, 2007

Control your Power Options

The hibernation screws up your system and you want to disable it? You do not want the computer to shutdown when you press the power button? You want to set the power saving schemes for your laptop to lengthen your battery life? You want the laptop to hibernate when your battery is almost drained?

  1. Goto Control Panel -> Power Options (Assuming Control Panel is in the Classic View)
    • Power Schemes - Set when the computer will standby, hibernate, etc...
    • Alarms - Set when WinXP will give the alarm or execute a certain action when the battery power reaches a certain level.
    • Power Meter - Not sure what is it for... 8p
    • Advanced - Set what WinXP will do when you close the lid of your laptop, or press the power button.
    • Hibernate - Enable/Disable Hibernation.

That's it...

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