Saturday, May 19, 2007

Guitar Corner

Well, I did put one of my hobbies as playing the guitar. It's actually classical guitar. I've been playing since 1996 I think. I was initially trained in Yamaha. Now, I'm currently in an alumni group in the Guitar Ensemble of NUS. I still have a performance at least once a year. I think we're going to the Esplanade later this year. Not sure...

Work life has taken a toll on my skills, and I think it's no longer as sharp as before. :(

Anyway, I will start putting some of the recordings I did in 2004. Why 2004? That's because that was when I first bought my Yamaha CG201S. I was trying out the different effects.

This is one of my favorites. It's called Koyunbaba. I played it one whole stretch for 12+mins. I think you can hear some errors, but I find it an achievement that I can play so long with minimal errors. Of course this was not my first try. More like my 3rd try if I recall correctly.

I like this piece mainly because I have to re-tune all 6 strings of the guitar to play this piece. Its unique, and sounds umm... Arabic?? :)

Posting here so that my stuff won't disappear mysteriously if I suffer a harddisk crash or something. :)

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