Sunday, May 13, 2007

Are you a Spammer?

A spammer is a person who sends a large amount of emails, to many people. Why did I write this article? I find that many people have been complaining about spammers flooding their mailbox, but they themselves do not realize that they are actually spamming too. How many times have you received chain-emails and virus hoaxes? I'm sure you had quite a few.

The main reason for this article is because I find that some of my friends' emails have been blacklisted by certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and as a result, all their emails were bounced back, irregardless of the content. How do you avoid such "misunderstandings"?

Well, according to what I've found out, certain ISPs based their auto-spam-filtering process by looking at the BCC addresses. I'm sure many of us have the habit of putting all our friends email addresses in the BCC column so that the email addresses will not be seen by everyone. Some big ISPs actually defined a spammer as someone who sends to more than 10 email addresses in the BCC column. Some has also set the limit for the To, and CC addresses column.

How do we avoid this "misunderstanding" of being labeled a spammer? Use e-groups mailing lists. There are many free mailing group services available, like CoolList, and YahooGroups. Add your friends' email addresses into the group mailing list and that's it. Sometimes, there are additional services like photos and files sharing.

Try not to commit the mistake of blacklisting your ISP emails due to your un-intentional spamming activities. Getting into the blacklisting is easy, getting out isn't. Some ISPs take as long as a few months to remove the offending ISP from the list. This could cause some in-convenience, and even a lost of income if you're running a business.

Hope this article helps...

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