Sunday, May 13, 2007

System Restore

One of the most liked features of Win ME is the System Restore function. But do you know that Win98/SE also have that function? The process is not as simple as Win ME but I found that the Win98/SE backups more throughly than Win ME.

Anyway, there are 2 steps to it, backing up the Registry and backing up the crucial files.

  1. Go to Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information
  2. Under Tools, run Registry Checker
  3. It will give you a warning that it has already backup the registry. Just ignore that warning and backup the registry
  4. Under Tools, run System Configuration Utility
  5. You will see a Create Backup option. Click that...
That's all to it... There are a few ways where you can restore the backup. One of the ways is that Windows will prompt you to restore the backup when it detects corruption in the registry. You can also boot up using the Win98/SE boot disk, and run scanreg /restore at C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND. The program will ask you which backup do you want to restore.

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