Sunday, May 20, 2007

ST promotes share trading again

Sometimes it makes me wonder if our newspapers are trying to talk up (or down) the market. Just today they have a section on share trading. It's almost 1 whole page!

Granted that they did talk about doing your own due diligence before investing but when you splash figures like $20k a month, will people do any due diligence, or just jump straight into the bandwagon like what's happening in China now?

Being a national newspaper, I expected more from the articles.
I don't see them writing about lawyers, doctors or accountants, and how much they earn.
I don't see them writing about the negative effects of share trading. There are many stories where people lose 5 to 6 figure sums just on share trading.

Dedicated 1 whole page to this... Don't they have anything else to write about?


Ng said...

this is drizzt here giving a shoutout. freaking nice content you have here.

chantc said...

Hey drizzt... Just shifting my stuff here from my personal site because I'm too lazy to code. :)

Easier for me to write stuff. I've been collecting tips for a very long time. At least 5 years.

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