Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guesses on Singtel iPhone plan

Updated 19 Aug 2008: Link to Singtel iPhone plans post

My guess on how the Singtel iPhone plans will be like. Okay, not exactly my guess. It's based on this ZDNet blog here.

Basically it is very simple... The phone only costs USD199/USD299, but this phone is state of the art. So how does it cover the cost? Very simple... Data plans. Your data plans will be more expensive than the other phones.

AT&T is the first to implement this, and I would expect Singtel to follow that model. The latest rumour I heard about the iPhone 3G is that it is not available for those without the plan.

So I guess for those in Singapore who wants to get an iPhone, you will have to go red.

Read the post here on the Singtel iPhone plans.

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