Saturday, June 14, 2008

WWDC 2008 After-math

I would think that this Apple WWDC 2008 is the best managed, and well organised conference that I've ever been to.

First I would like to say kudos to the event manager. The way they managed the 5200 developers in the centre is very professional. The crowd control was effective, but not over-bearing. The queue management was the best I seen too, although I've never seen people queue for a session before. :p

Personally, I think the food is good. Juices are available in the morning. During tea breaks, they have fruits or chocolates. Coffee/Tea (decaf too) is available all day. They even have a special machine where you can order Moca, Expresso and Latte (all day). Some people think the lunch is not nice, but I find that its quite healthy. However, the menu rotates so if you only can eat a certain type of food, you might find it a little "boring". :)

Conference wise, I find that the sessions are quite technical, which should be the case for technical conferences. However, since they go down deep into the code, sometimes it might get a little too dry, and with a full stomach, something will happen. :) The guys giving the talk really know their stuff very well because they are actually part of the team that developed it. Sometimes if you're lucky, someone might even sing after the session ends. :) These guys are real talented. Initialisers song. Real funny... :D

Before the conference started, 80% of the materials I would say are already all up in the website, ready for download. That includes sample codes. The 20% missing would be some of the codes that they coded during the conference itself for the session, and the slides. Not sure if they would release the slides though. According to my colleagues however, it should be out for download after the conference ends.

There's also a bash on the 2nd last day (night) with a live band, and free beer and wine, and of course food.

All in all, I give the conference almost full marks. Really the best I've seen. However, its also quite tiring, considering that I'm a newbie in Cocoa.

Anyway, there's a huge interest for iPhone applications and most of the queues are for it. iPhone 3G is definitely going to change the 3G market! Now... Let me think of something to write for the iPhone. Or maybe I should start with the iPod Touch. It works on both anyway.

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Yuuki said...

Yes! iPod Touch!!! =D Then I can have the program in mine~ (Provided it doesn't crash my iPod =P)

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