Friday, June 27, 2008

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is one of top wine regions in California. It's located in the Napa County, which is located north of San Francisco Bay Area. My colleagues and I drove there because they wanted to get some wine (not me). I was just tagging along. :)

It was quite a difficult place to find, at least for us. We got lost and luckily, we spotted a small little sign that says Visitor Centre. We turned off the freeway to a small beautiful street. We made our way to the visitor centre to get a rough idea on the number of wineries around the area. If I recall correctly, there are 200+ wineries in that region. Wow...

These are some of the random pictures I took while walking around that area. Up to now, I remember that small little street. Very beautiful and peaceful.

Eating area near the visitor centre

Eating area near the visitor centre

Some weird looking sculpture near the cafe we ate in :)

Old Post Office along that street

After lunch at that place (which was not cheap by the way), we proceeded to the Robert Mondavi winery. This winery is quite near the visitor centre. My colleagues went to taste the wine, and they bought some back. We popped one bottle during the trip and the wine I would say is quite strong. It's quite smooth however, so you might get drunk without knowing.

As they were tasting the wine, I also bought back some wine chocolates that is very tasty! :) If you're a chocolate lover, you should get it. Its unlike the liquor chocolates I ate before in Singapore. They also provide guided tours that last about an hour around their vineyard. I did not go for it though.

As usual I went around and snapped some pictures.

A plaque describing the winery

Entrance to the Robert Mondavi winery

Archway to the vineyard

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